Spare Parts

Meat Processing Equipment Spare Parts. Expendable materials for meat processing machinery. Spare parts for meat plants worldwide shipping. Best prices and fast delivery. 

We offer original spare parts and replacement parts for leading meat processing machinery, slaughterhouses, meat plants, meat packers, butcheries .

We believe it is important to keep your downtime to a minimum. That is why we have a lot of parts in stock. We often deliver to our customer Bangkok and nearby within an hour and in the rest of the up country within a day. Our service technicians are happy to help you with the repair. Our technicians are also available to periodically assess your production machines. Do they still run efficiently or are (minor) adjustments in programs or components necessary to generate more revenue? We think along with you.

New Product in our inventory

Standard 200 Litre Eurobin

Stainless Steel Meat Cart  

Made in Europe

We have more spare parts list in our inventory so, please send email to us for checking