Risco, for over 50 years, has been producing machinery and systems for the meat processing industry. Thanks to results achieved, production know-how, research and development of technology and services, Risco has become a brand of reference in the industry and is a synonymous of quality and reliability. The production includes vacuum fillers for production of sausages, special vacuum fillers for ham and mortadella products, meat preparation lines, systems for forming, depositing and extrusion, tying machines and a wide range of accessories designed specifically for the food sector. Risco worldwide Distributors can provide any further information you may need.


Risco is a leading producer of machines and systems for meat processing and it has earned a leading position in worldwide markets. Thanks to over fifty years of experience, Risco today has become a company that combines familiar traditions with advanced efficient management. The experience and new operational processes makes Risco a worldwide pioneer in finding new solutions, new processes, new markets, and new successes. The evolution of the company and its continued growth over many years is not just a boast, but tangible proof of Risco’s ability to adapt to the market and the customer’s needs. This philosophy is the focal point of Risco’s thinking and is the point of departure of each Risco product.


Risco is based on the fore-front of technology in the pursuit and improvement of its products by enhancing its organization and production. Modern and in-depth experience in every business sector is a source of inspiration throughout the work whether related to products or services offered. Techniques for continuous improvement are given by management at all corporate departments for continuous innovation.