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ETS  Euro Tech Siam Co.,Ltd. 

is a professional meat processing machinery distributor. We offer innovative complete solutions and also individual machines for your production. Strengthen the application service, help them to solve industry problems, veritably enhance their satisfaction. With the leading technology and process, a complete pre-sales system, we are praised by domestic and foreign customers. Our company pays attention to the cultivation of long-term customer relationships , with first-class product quality and fulfill our duties.


We a leading producer of machines and systems for meat processing and it has earned a leading position in worldwide markets. Thanks to over fifty years of experience, Risco today has become a company that combines familiar traditions with advanced efficient management. The experience and new operational processes makes Risco a worldwide pioneer in finding new solutions, new processes, new markets, and new successes. The evolution of the company and its continued growth over many years is not just a boast, but tangible proof of Risco’s ability to adapt to the market and the customer’s needs. This philosophy is the focal point of Risco’s thinking and is the point of departure of each Risco product. 

We see ourselves as a reliable, innovative and dynamic partner to the food industry. The philosophy of our products is clear: uncompromising quality paired with the highest possible performance and efficiency. For this we are ready to learn every day and to continuously improve. 

Vacumm packaging is a technique used to extend the shelf life of foods by removing air and preventing the growth of bacteria and micro organisms. This preservation process prevents oxidation and keeps food fresh and delicious for longer. 








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